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Polyhedra stands for inclusivity and community in tabletop gaming. We pride ourselves in providing our members with quality content delivered by some of the best professional gamemasters in the field.

In addition to running games for private and corporate parties, we publish adventures, supplements, and (in the future) ready-for-use, curated digital content.

At its heart, Polyhedra is a community of like-minded tabletop gamers who love the hobby as much as we do. Most of all, we aim to enable our gamemasters to turn their passion into a living, while empowering our players to fully discover themselves and their creativity through safe community and roleplay environments.


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"I've been a geek since childhood. I was first exposed to tabletop systems through their isometric video game adaptations and knew immediately that I loved all things RPG.

There wasn't much of a tabletop community in Germany when and where I grew up. I became obsessed with trading card games instead. Years later, during my college years in the States, I finally was lucky enough to experience the true magic of tabletop gaming. No video game, card game, or book could hold a candle to the ability to come up with something truly unique and creative with your friends and see it unfold as an impromptu cooperative storytelling.

For years after the first campaign, being the 'Forever GM' became my escapism and mental health support system.

During my time as an attorney, legal field crushed my creative spirit. The COVID19 Pandemic became a last straw for my career, as it was for so many others. Starving for community after a cross-country move with my family and as a 'transitionary form of employment,' I decided to turn my idea of a tabletop community into a business. It has been in the top 3 decisions of my life.

This community would not exist without its amazing members. It would not continue to exist without the outstanding work of the many gamemasters that make the game magic happen.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

- David Demic, Founder and CEO