Code of Conduct

When joining and/or playing in the Polyhedra community, you agree to the following rules and conduct:

Community Rules

1. Respect for the community. Be respectful and kind to all other persons in the Polyhedra community. Hate speech, discrimination, harassment, or personal attacks toward other users will NOT be tolerated. We expressly affirm members of all faiths, creeds, sexual orientation, genders, and other demographic identifiers whose identity and practices are not intrinsically designed to hurt and discriminate others.

2. Respect for gamemasters. Respect that all players have the right to engage with their gamemaster, particularly during game time. Avoid pinging, messaging, or otherwise distracting your gamemaster while they are engaged in an active game session.

3. No Spam. This includes spamming or flooding the forums or Discord servers. If you are looking for a game, please message a gamemaster or contact us on our website.

4. No Advertisements or Streaming. This space is dedicated to premium games run by the Polyhedra team. Please don't post listings for outside games, advertisements, etc. without express permission from the Polyhedra team. Setting up private, unpaid games with other players is obviously not prohibited, but please use private messages to get those established. Streaming of the paid sessions is strictly prohibited, unless permission was given by the Polyhedra Team. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a ban from the website, server, sessions, and additional legal liability.

5. Play by the Rules. Polyhedra reserves the right to screen, add, remove, or otherwise "manage" members of the community for whatever reason, but will automatically remove any member who upon warning continues to violate the Code of Conduct.

6. No Hate. While this is an 18+ community, Polyhedra will not tolerate posts or other communication depicting and/or advocating extreme violence, sexual violence, pornography, and/or personal attacks.

Game Conduct

1. Fun and safety first. I will behave in a manner that contributes to the fun and safety of others in the game and community.

2. Let others speak. We play a tabletop game in a digital setting which can make discourse difficult if multiple individuals speak over one another. If I notice another member, including a gamemaster, wanting to contribute to the conversation, I will strive to conclude my point and let them contribute. Simultaneously, after you have made your wish to contribute known, wait until the current speak concludes to contribute.

3. Respect lines and veils. While we do not expressly prohibit mature language in our games, all conduct must be tempered by a game member's expressed "lines and veils." A line is something that an individual has expressed as an absolute no-go topic. A veil is something that an individual does not enjoy discussing or hearing, but will tolerate as an organic part of the story's development.

4. Limit rules arguments. Follow the gamemaster's lead, avoid arguing with them or other players for the sake of argument. The gamemaster is the final rules arbiter concerning things within their game. Their job is to function as a story facilitator and final rules arbitrator. Whatever your gamemaster decides is the final say and attempting to rehash arguments, particularly during game time, will not be tolerated.

5. No aggressive behavior. This includes threats of, including actual, verbal or physical aggression towards another person; using racial, gender, or cultural slurs against another person; otherwise harassing a person, particularly when that person specifically asked for the behavior to stop.

Examples of Prohibited Behavior

The following lists a non-exhaustive list of examples of problem behavior which should be reported if witnessed, will be addressed by gamemasters, and may cause a ban from the Polyhedra community:

Disruptive Behavior
- Excessive use of vulgar language and profanities
- Talking over others
- Demanding an increased amount of attention
- Talking on phone / other distractions without excusing oneself during gameplay
- Arguing a rule after the game has moved on

Unsafe Behavior
- Using racial, gender, or cultural slurs
- Sending inappropriate/offensive content to others
- Purposely harassing another
- Using social media to bully another

Aggressive Behavior
- Threatening others outside of game roleplay, or during roleplay but after one has been asked to stop
- Hostility or aggression directed towards a player or gamemaster
- Arguing and creating conflict past the point of creative problem solving

- Innuendos directed at an individual about their physique/sexuality
- Remarks about a person's political affiliation
- Unwanted messages, letters, calls, emails, gifts, or any other form of contact
- Unwelcome requests for dates
- Inappropriate physical contact or comments
- Directed threats of intent to harm or threatening behavior
- Opposing or challenging everything a particular person suggests
- Intentionally making someone feel isolated or excluded
- Spreading rumors about another
- Belittling another for whatever reason