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Let us make your dreams come true.

Whether you are looking for a fun one time event for you and your friends, or are planning a corporate retreat: Our customized one-shots offer a way to enjoy a tabletop game run by a professional DM.

Fully Virtual

Let us set up the digital side of virtual tabletop gaming. No more expensive venue costs. Just have everyone log into their web browser and Discord chat, and yor are set.

Professional DM

Enjoy a game run by a veteran, professional DM who will make the game come alive.


Want a group to get to tackle challenging puzzles to work on team-oriented problem solving? Let us tailor the perfect one-shot.

Modern Tabletop Gaming

We use a modern, web-based virtual tabletop to bring the game directly to your screen without the need to sign up for a third-party provider.

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Access all D&D 5e content

By joining one of our campaigns, you will gain access to our DMs' Legendary Bundles on D&D Beyond™ and its official Dungeons  Dragons™ content.

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High Quality Conferencing

We use a dedicated and boosted Discord™ server to facilitate our games. By joining a campaign, you will be able to engage with other like-minded tabletop RPG fans.

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Secure Payments

We use PayPal™ subscription plans to make payments easy and secure. There are no locked-in contract periods and you can cancel at any time.

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Join the Community

We publish articles of community members right on our website. Got a great idea for the ultimate gish character? Join the community today and share your sage knowledge!

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Enjoy Reliable Games

No more "Forever DMs" and games that fizzled due to burn out. Our team of dedicated DMs handles all of the back-end work so that you can focus on an exciting bit of entertainment during your session.

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Pre-generated One-Shot

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Play a hand-crafted homebrew one-shot with pre-generated characters, who are perfectly balanced to tackle all challenges your party may face.

Perfect for when the DM just needs a break from your home campaign.

Homebrew one-shot

Pre-generated characters

3 to 4 hours of game time

4 to 6 players

Professional DM

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Customized One-Shot

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Had an idea for a one-shot you have been wanting to run, but just do not have the time to prepare? Let us to the heavy lifting, sit back, and enjoy a tailored one-shot.

Your imagination is the limit.

Homebrew one-shot

Customized characters

3 to 4 hours of game time

4 to 8 players

Custom Setting

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One session event

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Offer a unique one time event for team building and ice breakers.

Designed for icebreakers

Efficient teambuilding exercise

Professional DM functions as small group interpersonal facilitator

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Weekend Event

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Hire one of our professional DMs for a weekend retreat.

Multiple sessions spread out over a two day time span

Deepens the problem solving and teamwork elements of the game

Conglomerates choices made by multiple teams into one company outcome

Perfect for intra-company mingling and cross-departmental icebreakers

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Weeklong Retreat

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Let your team get to know each other over a weeklong retreat.

Revitalize trainings by employing roleplaying strategies into the content

Utilize professional DMs as outside speakers to give your retreat a fresh feel

Provide your company a retreat they will not forget

Forge team relationships that will strengthen bonds and likely carry past the retreat days

Completely customized Roleplaying content designed to best fit your company's mission and goal

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